Treasures of the Decimaze

Made for Ludum Dare 27 "10 Seconds." A shifting maze.


Space trading game made during 1GAM June 2013. Inspired by Freelancer and EV Nova. Based on Spacey.


Asteroids clone made during 1GAM May 2013. Experimental control scheme.

Sail Away

Made for Ludum Dare 26 "Minimalism." Inspired by Picture This.

Get the Flock Out!

Made for Ludum Dare 20. Sheep!

Afraid of the Dark

Made for MiniLD 29. Experimental. Odd noises.


One Among Many

Experimental mechanic - first goal is to figure out what you're controlling.


A platformer testing out zoetrope, simple level design, and knytt-style gameplay

Moon Girl

A platformer testing out melonJS and tuned platformer movement. X to jump.